AAI Maurice Craig Award Entry


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the AAI has had to make alterations to the traditional format and are required to adapt to current governmental health and safety advice. It is the intention of the AAI to hold the judging of the awards in a format as close to the traditional course of events as possible. It is desirable that the judging by the jury members will take place in-person in an outdoor venue in a socially distant manner. If it is deemed by the AAI unsafe to do as the day of judging approaches, the judging will be moved to a secure online format.

  • All panels are to be submitted DIGITALLY ONLY to avoid the transfer of physical material and to limit physical contact.
  • The AAI will organise for the panels to be professionally printed onto A1 foam board if it deemed safe to progress with an in-person judging day. The AAI will cover the cost of printing in this event.
  • If it is not deemed safe by the AAI to host an in-person judging day, the AAI will organise a secure online judging event, using the submitted digital panels.


  • To encourage higher standards of architecture throughout the country.
  • To recognise projects which make a contribution to Irish architecture.
  • To inform the public of emerging directions in contemporary architecture.


  • All awards are bestowed at the discretion of the jury.
  • Any entry is eligible for the Maurice Craig Award. Any number of entries may be selected for Special Mention.
  • All entrants will be notified of the Jury’s decision within 2 working days of the adjudication.


  • A panel of five distinguished assessors is invited to make a broad selection of schemes which they believe make a contribution to Irish architecture.
  • Schemes are selected on the basis that they aspire to “excellence in architectural design”, and the selection is irrespective of building type, location, scale, or whether built/unbuilt.
  • The panel of assessors is comprised of an architectural critic, an international architect (if possible and at the discretion of the AAI), two Irish architects and a distinguished non-architect.
  • The final assessors are subject to amendment by the AAI committee depending on availability.
  • The assessors’ decision is final.
  • The Awards Registrar and the President of the AAI will attend the assessment as observers.


  • All final year graduate projects which have been completed within the previous 24 months of the submission deadline by students of architecture on the island of Ireland are eligible.
  • The following projects are not eligible:
    (a) projects from non-graduate and other year groups
    (b) projects under the direct supervision of the Assessors or the AAI President
    (c) previous AAI Award-winning projects or Special Mention-winning projects
    (d) unsuccessful competition entries
  • Where a project is ineligible for entry due to the service of an Assessor or the AAI President the period of eligibility will be extended accordingly.
  • Unsuccessful awards entries may be submitted a maximum of two times. 
  • The Registrar’s decision is final on the eligibility of projects.
  • Queries on eligibility should be addressed to the Registrar c/o the AAI, via awards@architecturalassociation.ie at least seven days prior to the final registration deadline.


  • Before or after adjudication, the AAI may choose to host an exhibition with all submitted projects on display. This event is yet to be confirmed. All entrants will be duly notified should the exhibition go ahead.
  • Award-winners will be invited to submit additional material for exhibition. The exhibited drawings and models will be returned only after completion of the exhibition.
  • The selected projects, with the assessors’ considered comments on each project, will be featured in the annual AAI Awards publication.
  • All photographs and text contained within the digital submission will be considered final for use in this publication.
  • The AAI reserves the right to the exhibition, publication and promotional use of all material supplied by the students of the selected projects.


  • All entrants must be eligible according to the rules outlined above
  • Digital submission must be received by the AAI Awards deadline (@ 6pm on Friday 30th April)
  • Each project must be registered separately


  • Submissions to the Maurice Craig Award are not subject to entry fees.


  • Entrants are invited to communicate their design by drawings, photographs, visualisations or other graphic representation, and to explain the project by the use of appropriate images and text.
  • Each entry is to comprise 1 panel at A1 in digital PDF format
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that submitted files are not corrupt.
  • Panel PDF size, margin and colour profile requirements to be entered here.
  • A descriptive text (300 words max.) should be incorporated into the panel. 
  • Entries are to be anonymous, with the official entry form submitted digitally in PDF format with the panels.
  • Entry codes are to be self-generated by the applicant consisting of two letters and three numbers (e.g. AA123) Entry codes should be incorporated into the bottom left-hand corner of the panel.
  • Entries should be submitted digitally. Late Entries will not be accepted.
  • Entrants will receive digital submission guidelines once registered.


  • In addition to digital panel and entry form submissions, all entries must be accompanied by the list of additional documents, or may be deemed invalid.
  • Except in the event of file corruption, all files submitted in digital format will be considered final for the purposes of publication.
  • images must be 300dpi+ resolution.
  • Image submission form must be filled out with full image description and individual image copyright outlined. Image title corresponds to image number on submission form (eg. 1.jpg, 2.tiff, etc.).
  • Image name must include the file extension (.jpg etc). A minimum of three high-res images of the project must be included in the digital submission. There is no upper limit to the number of images submitted.
  • The AAI is not in a position to return entries to applicants. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make a copy of their submission for their own records.


  1. Final A1 board submission (PDF)
  2. Project Description
  3. Project images as separate files (png/jpg)
  4. Entrant profile image/description (optional)


Digital File Submission Checklist ✓

  1. Completed form including descriptive text and student profile/ bio
  2. Compressed PDF of board/s (not to exceed 200mb for each board)
    *Awards entry code/s to be included as the file name on the PDFs
  3. Individual images as JPG (not to exceed 100mb per image)
  4. Drawings in PDF format (including scale and north symbol)
  5. All files in a single folder with ENTRY CODE/S as the filename

Please upload the entire folder containing the files as a .zip (max 1gb)

(on Mac right click on folder and select ‘compress folder’ to create zip)

(on PC right click and “Send to” then select Compressed (zipped) folder.)





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