AAI 2nd Year Competition 2017

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The AAI are pleased to announce the results of the 2017 AAI 2nd Year Architecture student competition. The brief, written by Tara Kennedy, challenged the students to design what democracy looks like. Referencing a common chant used at protest marches relating to social inequality, ‘This is what democracy looks like’ asked students to respond to the current turbulent political times, and address the disconnect between the abstraction of college projects and wider reality beyond. Students were asked to design spatial responses to facilitate dissent, dfference and shared conversation.

With over 100 entries from 6 schools of architecture across Ireland, the entries were adjudicated by Architect Tara Kennedy, Architect and tutor Maxime Laroussi and artist and activist Seoidin O’Sullivan.

The list of winners are as follows:

Joint First Prize:

Joanna Barrett, CCAE

“The years we spend in school influence our change into adulthood, the next generation to lead. How is one to even do so when we barely understand the basics of what a democracy is?. I proposed to used the facilities we already have: Schools. They are already use as important venues for voting, why can’t they be used for discussion?”

Judges Response: “mature and plausible; a universal provocation”

Lasairiona Power, DIT

“I want to respond to the student accommodation crisis; so that students and young people feel like they have a place in society and can contribute to a democracy … a new strategy that allows students to create a living space for themselves. I believe this could become something wonderful, to inspire young people and provoke interesting ideas and give them the freedom to control the space they will be living in”

Judges Response “A direct response to a known and recognised issue … like free healthcare, a policy that is liberating students to become active citizens”

Highly Commended:

Jack Rankin, Eleanor McQuaid and Zhe (Ming) Kong, QUB for Connectivity Belfast

Seamus Sorenson, DIT for Aqueduct Wall

The judges also felt it appropriate to give the following students special mention for their quality of drawing and representation:

Patrycja Mocko, CCAE

Gareth Walsh, UCD

Arturas Calyj, CCAE

Chin Hei (Ansolm) Tang, QUB

Fiachra McCarthy, DIT


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