AAI Publications

The AAI Awards Book is the only internationally peer-reviewed architecture awards in Ireland that publicly publishes the critical discourse which takes place among the assessors adjudicating the awards. Uniquely, the awards give the public an unprecedented insight into the critical conversations that shape the quality of our built environment and future heritage.


Irish Architecture : The AAI Awards

IA17, IA18, IA19 are now available at the RIAI bookshop and other selected locations.

IA20 : Scheduled to be published in 2022

Building Material

BM24 is now closed for submissions.

Building Material is an annual architecture journal, joint published by the Architectural Association of Ireland (AAI), the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG), and the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF). It is available on JSTOR: https://www.jstor.org/publisher/arcassoire

Past Editions

Please contact us for our current inventory or check your local university library.

For older books, contact Gandon Editions (http://www.gandon-editions.com/)

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