About the AAI

The Architectural Association of Ireland is a non-profit voluntary organisation, founded in 1896 to promote and afford facilities for the study of Architecture and the Allied Sciences & Arts while providing a medium of friendly communication between the Members and others interested in the progress of Architecture.

Since its foundation, the AAI has developed a range of initiatives to encourage the amelioration of architectural culture in Ireland and promoting greater discussion, dissemination and engagement in architecture and the built environment. Today, regular activities include an annual public lecture series comprising national and international speakers; site visits to emerging projects across the country; the publication of Building Material, Ireland’s sole peer-reviewed architecture journal; and the delivery of a yearly awards scheme, exhibition and book.

All committee members give their time and energy to the AAI on a voluntary basis. New volunteers are integral to the sustainability and continued development of the organisation and are always welcome. If you are interested please email contact@architecturalassociation.ie

Committee 2023/2024

Interim President – Orla O’Kane
Secretaries: – Harry Hogan, Elizabeth Pfister
Treasurers – Joe Swan, Declan Quirke
Programme Officer – Rob Curley
Awards Officers – Louise McGarrigle + Luke Benson
Publications Officer – Harry Hogan
Site Visit Officers – Aakriti Sood, Eryk Rawicz-Lipinski
Digital & Communications Officer – Elizabeth Pfister
Sponsorship Officer – Declan Quirke
AAI Representative for RIAI Council – John Flynn
Committee Members – Adam McLoughlin, Alice Bolwer, Aoife Marie Buckley, Bébhinn Smith, Darragh O’Keeffe, Declan Quirke, Deirbhile Doddy Clarke, Irene Barrenechea Arriola, Luke Peppard, Peter MacClancy, Peter Sagar, Todor Todorov, Silvia Doherty

Committee 2022/2023

President / Programme Officer – Orla O’Kane
Vice President – John Flynn
Treasurer – Joe Swan
Awards  & Competitions Officer – Séamus Bairéad
Publications Officer – Harry Hogan
Site Visit Officer – Anna Livia Dillon
Digital Officer – Elizabeth Pfister
Committee Members – Aakriti Sood, Adam McLoughlin, Alice Bolwer, Aoife Marie Buckley, Bébhinn Smith, Darragh O’Keeffe, Declan Quirke, Deirbhile Doddy Clarke, Eryk Rawicz-Lipinski, Irene Barrenechea Arriola, Louise McGarrigle, Luke Benson, Luke Peppard, Peter MacClancy, Peter Sagar, Rob Curley, Todor Todorov, Silvia Doherty

Committee 2021/2022

President / Programme Officer – Orla O’Kane
Vice President – John Flynn
Secretary – Gillian Brady
Treasurer – Joe Swan
Awards Officer – Séamus Bairéad
Digital & Publicity Officer – Dan Leahy
Competitions Officer – St. John Walsh
Publications Officers – Aoife – Marie Buckley & Harry Hogan
Site Visit Officer – Claudia Murray
Committee Members – Ronan Kenny, Anna Livia Dillon & Alison Rea

Committee 2020/2021

President – Orla O’Kane
Ex-Officio – Ronan Kenny
Treasurer – Alice Gibson
Secretary – Gillian Brady
Site Visit Officer – Claudia Murray
Programme Officer – David Williams
Awards & Competitions Officers – David McInerney & Seamus Bairéad
Publications Officer & Building Material Editor – Aoife-Marie Buckley
Digital Communications Officer – Dan Leahy
Committee Members – Joseph Swan, Harry Hogan, Laoise Quinn, St.John Walsh, Alanah Doyle & John Flynn

Committee 2019/2020

President – Rónan Kenny
Vice President – Orla O’Kane
Treasurers – John Flynn, Alice Gibson
Secretary – Clíodhna Rice
Ex-Officio –  Deirdre Spring
Programme – Michael K. Hayes
Site Visits – Claudia Murray
Publications –  Ciara McCurtin, Ciarán Brady
Awards  – David McInerney, Seamus Bairead
Competitions – St. John Walsh
Exhibitions – Louise Clavin,  Tecla Guzzardi
Membership – Ian Lennon
Communications – Alanah Doyle, Dan Leahy
Sponsorship – Gillian Brady

Committee 2018/2019

President & Programme Officer – Michael K. Hayes
Vice President – Ronan Kenny
Secretary – Clíodhna Rice
Treasurer – John Flynn
Ex-Officio – Deirdre Spring
Awards Officer – Deirdre Spring and
Site Visit Officer – Claudia Murray
Publicity Officer – Alanah Doyle
Digital Officer – Rónan Kenny
Membership Officers – Bláthmhac Ó Muirí and Viktoria Hevesi
Competitions, Workshops and Sponsorship Officer – St. John Walsh
Exhibitions Officer – Louise Clavin
Programme Officer – Donal Lally
Building Material Editors – Michael Hayes and Ciara McCurtin
Irish Architecture Editor – Ciarán Brady
Exhibitions Committee: Louise Clavin, Laura O’Gorman, and Tecla Guzzardi
Committee: Edith Baran, Helen McCormack, Olivia Hillery, Andrea Doyle, Orla O’Kane, Ronan McCann, Elaine Hanna, Javier Huerta Perez

Committee 2017/2018

President & Programme Officer Ronan McCann
Vice President & Publications Officer Michael Hayes
Vice President & Honorary Secretary Deirdre Spring
Awards Officer Elaine Hanna
Publicity Officer Alanah Doyle
Membership Officer Aisling Kehoe
Publications Officer Ailish Walker
Site Visit Officer Claudia Murray
Competitions & Workshops Office Helen McCormack
Treasurer Amelie Conway
Website Officer Katie Browne
Committee – Louise Clavin, John Flynn, Aprar Elawad, Oana Miculas, Michael Stack, Darragh Breathnach, Banbha McCann, Bláthmahc Ó’Muirí, Donal Lally

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