Annual Critic’s Lecture: Elizabeth Hatz: ‘Between Transition and Permanence’


Date: 07.11.2012

Time: 19:00

Venue: Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin

The Annual AAI Architecture awards are judged by a 5 member jury headed by an invited critic. It is tradition for the Architectural Critic, as head juror, to present a lecture to the AAI on the evening before the adjudication. The subject of the lecture is the choice of the critic, previous critics have presented their own architectural or artistic output, their architectural research and architectural output in their own region or tradition.

The 2012 critic, Elizabeth Hatz, is an Architect, Art Curator, Architectural Commentator and Professor, working with architecture, art and space, both rural and urban. She is Professor/associate master at the KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) since 1999. She is also Associate Professor at School of Architecture University of Limerick since 2006, currently as Year Master of 4th year.

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