TAKA Architects: Merrion Cricket Club Pavilion

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Date: 14.06.14

Time: 10:30

Venue: Merrion Cricket Club, Anglesea Rd., Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 (map)

This new pavilion for Merrion Cricket Club replaces the earlier clubhouse, which was damaged by flooding from the nearby river Dodder.

The new building takes the form of an archetypal pavilion with a pitched roof and colonnaded viewing terrace, but the form is distorted to embrace the particularities of this site and brief.

As part of a flood protection strategy the building is raised on a low podium with a concrete wainscoting around the perimeter. Above this level the walls consist of either brick or window infill.

The main interior space is the long room bar which addresses the pitch outside. Between the interior of this bar space and the external edge of the terrace a number of informal opportunities for viewing are offered by the building.

Note: This event takes place on an active construction site, and access can only be granted to adults wearing full PPE (hard hat, hi-vis vest and site shoes)


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