AAI Awards Critic’s Lecture: Gary A. Boyd

Thomas Davis Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

The Hidden Architecture of Things
Architecture is a fantastically intricate globalised matrix of raw and synthetic materials, labour and information flows, not to mention legislative landscapes of trade agreements and boundaries – all financed electronically, from bank to bank, super-nationally. All this, however, is absent from our experience of it. Architecture and other things are generally irresolutely reticent about revealing their origins. Drawing on writings from Karl Marx to Kengo Kuma, this talk provides some meditations on unseen aspects of architecture and how an examination of this expanded territory of networks and systems may provide fertile ground for its future production.

Gary A. Boyd is Professor and Head of Architecture at Queen’s University, Belfast. He is co-editor, with Michael Pike and Brian Ward, of the forthcoming Out of the Ordinary: Irish Housing Design 1955-1980 (London: Routledge, 2019).

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