AAI Site Visit: North Dock Quay

AAI [Virtual] Site Visits: North Dock Quay

7pm 24th February 2022 @ Zoom

North Wall Quay will be introduced by John Parker of ABK Architects. John Parker is a director of ABK Architects. He has lectured at the School of architecture at University College Dublin as well visiting critic to various Schools of Architecture including SAUL. TUD, CCAE and Cesuga University. Following his studies at NCAD and UCD, John worked for Jeremy Dixon, Edward Jones Architects and De Blacam and Meagher before joining ABK in 1998. John’s work at ABK has received a number of awards over the years.

If one was to identify a specific starting point for the design of North Dock, it may have been Fra Carnavale’s ‘Image of The Ideal City’ (1484), or perhaps it was the Ca’ Loredan on the Grand Canal, Venice. Facing onto the Liffey and adjacent to the East-Link bridge, the primary arterial route connecting Northside to South, the project looks to provide a singular, monolithic architectural form in the tradition of great European riverfront buildings as a contrast to the more ephemeral developments ubiquitous in this part of the city. While fulfilling its brief to provide large column free floor plates for the commercial office market the project offers a robust presence that embeds itself into the city. The character of the project is derived from its mass and materiality generated by a layered and modulated asymmetrical composition of deep, precast concrete columns and transoms against an inner surface of bronze panels that together provide rhythm and scale, a coherent architectural whole. The expression of the key river-front volume is defined by this logic whereby the precast concrete frame holds the minor scale of window frame, ventilation shutter and spandrel panel.

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