AAI Student Competition 2018/19 – Exhibition

AAI Second Year Competition 2018/2019

Date: 14 November
Time: 19.00
Location: Irish Architecture Foundation, 15 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1
In conjunction with the Building Material launch, we will be exhibiting the winning and shortlisted entries to this years 2nd Year Architectural Competition at the IAF on the 14th of November at 7pm – the winners are invited to receive a prize.

The judging of this years AAI student competition took place this week, with first prize being awarded to Brian O’Shaughnessy of UCD for his project investigating our perception of nature (See full results and winning entry below)

This year, the students were invited to look for historical traces, current networks and potential connections to nature and human community in their environment. This presented an opportunity to personally reflect on how design research and practice might inform or benefit the relationships between human society and the wider world. 

They were asked to create two interdependent pieces of work.

IMAGE 01: The first is a map. This map could be on a global scale, mapping the journey of their daily food, the trip made by bottled water or clothing. On a national or local scale there was an opportunity to map food growing in their town, or neighbourhood, imagine the flow of water as it drains from a sink or the street, record the insects and animals that share your environment, or chart social interactions observed on a street. 

IMAGE 02: The second is a design proposal that seeks to intervene in, or reveal, the mapped space. This might be a proposed action or built spatial intervention. It might be at the scale of city infrastructure, or the scale of a body, plant or insect. It may be a site of repair, facilitating transformation. It might influence the means of knowing, learning about or valuing our resources, our connections and our relationship with the natural world. 

The full brief can be found here.

First Place;
Brian O’Shaughnessy (UCD)

Second Place;
Emelie Madfors (UCD)

Third Place;
Jacob Allnutt (UCD)

Special Mention;
Grainne Finnegan (CCAE)
Sam Mullan Galvin (CCAE)
Kevin Gillan (SAUL)
Gareth Smyth (UCD)
Nizam Nurinalman (UCD)

Jenny O’Leary
Kaethe Burt-O’Dea
Elspeth Lee
Donn Holohan

(Above image) “Simulated Nature” by Brian O’Shaughnessy, UCD
(Featured image) Agnes Denes, Wheatfield – A Confrontation Manhattan May 1, 1982 – Sep 30, 1982

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