Hermann Czech

1991 MAK-CafÇ Chair ∏ Harald Schînfellinger

Date: 10.04.14

Time: 19:15

Venue: Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College

Hermann Czech, born in Vienna, studied with Konrad Wachsmann at the Summer Academy Salzburg and with Ernst A. Plischke at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

His heterogeneous work includes planning, e.g. a critical subway network project for Vienna (with several authors, 1967), school and hotel buildings, housing involving users’ participation, as well as interventions of small scale, like Kleines Café, Vienna 1970 and 1974, and exhibition design, as Wien 1938, in the Vienna town hall 1988.

Recent work comprises the Fair Hotel in Vienna, 2005, the transformation of Urbanihaus, Vienna 2007, an object in the housing development of international architects, Vienna Hadersdorf, 2007, and one in “Housing for different generations”, Vienna Mühlgrund, 2011.

Czech was teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., at ETH Zurich, at TU Vienna, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

He is author of numerous critical and theoretical publications. In his theory (“architecture is background”) the notions of conversion and mannerism play a significant role.

See: https://www.ocpa.at/verlag/cafes.pdf

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