How We Work: In Practice – Maud Cotter & Dominic Stevens


Date: 11.12.2012

Time: 19:00

Venue: Harry Clarke Theatre, NCAD

Dominic Stevens worked for Christoph Langhof and Leipe Stegelmann, Berlin before moving to Co. Leitrim. He was Architect-in-residence with Roscommon County Council in 2005 and exhibited at the Venice Biennale 10th International Architecture Exhibition in 2006. He won his first AAI Award in 1999 and won the Kevin Kieran Award in 2005. He has published a number of books including ‘Domestic, an approach to the design of domestic buildings’ (2001) and ‘Rural’ (2009).

Dominic spoke of how the DIY ethic of his youth influenced early years in his development of an architect in Berlin and has found its way into his practice as an architect and his efforts to construct architecture.

Artist Maud Cotter’s work has featured in group exhibitions and solo projects in Europe and the United States since the early eighties. She is a graduate of the Crawford Municipal College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland.

‘I see my work as an exploration of human presence and its indivisible relationship with the material world. To unlock the possibilities within this fundamental relationship is part of the challenge of the work. Within this, understanding physicality and the nature of energy is a central concern.’

Maud presented a number of her works, and gave insight into how she practices as an artist. She spoke of the relationship between art, sculpture and architecture and of her experience of architecture.

A lively discussion, including discussion concerning the relationship between architecture and art, thinking and making, followed the presentations.

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