AAI Lightning Lecture: O’Donnell + Tuomey

Tuesday November 10th @1pm
Watch on IGTV or YouTube with Q&A

AAI Unbuilt – John Tuomey  – Lost in Space

Most of our work has been won at competition – but much more of our work has been lost in competition. Those wasted projects may be lost in space, but they live on in the mind. Losing is an existentialist form of learning. You learn how to survive, how to keep going. Competitions are a companion guide; they teach us how to concentrate, how to appreciate human imperfections, including our own. Every time you choose to enter a competition you have to remind yourself that however much you aim to win, you’re much more likely bound to lose. Having entered the contest willingly, you’ve no right to complain if the ball bounces the other way. It might just as well, by the same unreliable element of chance, have come to you on another day. Most of these painful failures to make the final cut are long ago and far away. Some of these wounds are smarting still.


Part of the AAI Lightning Lectures ‘Unbuilt’ Series

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