Lightning Lectures: Unbuilt *postponed*

*new online format*

Lightning Lectures is a night of short talks to showcase the culture of Irish architecture, as well as an opportunity to present unbuilt or unbuildable projects. The format is to have 10 speakers presenting 10 slides in 10 minutes, with no limit to the content, except that it is not a built project (yet!?). We encourage drawings, diagrams, sketches, models, conceptual works, artworks, works of fiction, philosophies, theories, actions, activations, ideologies, interpretive dance, visions and imaginations; the form of communication is open to interpretation.

We expect a diverse range of speakers with a light and humorous tone. There will be a bar, with drinks and pizza available for purchase on the night and lots of opportunities for debate and discussion around the myriad of topics presented. A night not to be missed!

Speakers – send a proposal with your talk title if you would like to be considered – 10 slides due by 30/9

This event is kindly supported by Roadstone CPD –


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