AAI President 2024-2025

The AAI is delighted to announce that at the EGM on April 23rd the committee and members elected Harry Hogan as the next President of the AAI, and Rob Curley as Vice President.

Harry Hogan
AAI President 2024-2025

“I joined the AAI committee in 2019 as a way of getting more involved in architectural culture and meeting others outside of working in small practice. Since then, I’ve been involved with the Programme, Awards, and Publications sub-committees. I am currently the Publications Officer, and Co-Secretary.
I am biased of course, but after joining the committee, I was immediately drawn to the distinctive approach. If our members make it all possible, it’s the committee that makes it happen! Being a voluntary organisation there’s a generosity of spirit that’s hard to find. At every meeting, there was a genuine exchange about the potential of ideas and their value to Irish architectural culture, rather than just cost implications. It’s that thing of value vs cost. The AAI’s commitment to platforming new ideas and conversations was evident and really exciting. The emphasis was always on making it work.
Personally, I am interested in the social, material, and ecological implications of architecture, and would love to have the opportunity to platform lectures and conversations with practitioners broadening the definition of architecture.
My goals would be to build on the work of our past two Presidents: Ronan Kenny brought the organisation into the 21st century, digitising a lot of our processes, and Orla O’Kane whipped us into shape, creating structure and organisation as well as innovative programming. I am interested in consolidating these legacies with a new digital strategy, focusing on communication and sharing our programme through digital channels. I would collaborate more with students, via competitions, roles and lectures, and host lectures that appeal to other built-professions or people engaging with architecture outside of the traditional route.
Regardless of the outcome of this election, I will get our annual publications back on track, and will work with the committee to prioritise external funding and sponsorship. Building on the success of The Annex last year, I would love to find funding and spaces in the city for meanwhile-use where we can have a temporary home, and platform many more conversations and events.”


Rob Curley
AAI  Vice President 2024-2025

‘I’m a Member of the RIAI since 2021, and a Director of a small, traditional, upstart, start-up practice called Maremoto Architects which I founded with my partner Alfonso Bonilla during the pandemic. As part of our practice we are passionate about voicing our opinions as architects in matters of public interest. In so doing we have sought to ensure that the architecture community remains independent, and is not seen as an echo chamber for the interests of the property industry. Owing to this element of our practice, we were very fortunate to be invited to speak as part of a lecture series on the theme of Complicity in 2022, and I have been involved with the AAI since that time.

I’d like to continue to work with the Committee and our new members to build on the legacy built up over the last number of years. Our current success – marked by the number of new members – is in particular thanks to the work of  Orla O’Kane – as well as long serving members of the committee John, Joe, Harry, Séamus – and others, who steered the organisation through difficult times and built the AAI back up since the pandemic.

I commend the work of my colleagues in the Awards and Publications sub-committees. The Programme sub-committee was successfully steered by Orla over the last number of years, culminating in the incredibly successful series of events at The Annex in Temple Bar. I’m excited to take up the role of Programme Officer in earnest moving forward. As we move forward this year, I’m excited to set out a new themed lecture series on the topic of housing. We also have a variety of events to plan including our annual pub quiz, our first Pride event, the second edition of ailtireachtúil and many more.

As a complex, and evolving, multi-pronged organisation the AAI is clearly well placed for successes on many fronts. We are also exposed to a series of financial and circumstantial challenges. I think finding a new venue for the organisation – temporary or otherwise – where we can repeat the success of The Annex – should be one of our key goals for the years ahead, along with incorporation, and the continuation of our successful publications, awards and programme.’

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